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May 1st, 2018

Investing in Your Family's Memories

One moment can change your whole life – it’s a cliché statement that I’d heard hundreds of times and never thought it could be true. Then my first niece was born and I knew it WAS true!

The second I held that tiny girl in my arms I was head over heels in love! At the time, I was nearing the end of my first semester at photography school and had to create a video of images using all the techniques I’d been taught over the past 4 months. I, of course, chose this new love of mine as the subject.

I’d never photographed a newborn before and was in my Pinterest stage that I think all new photographers go through. The images I created were amateur at best, but I was in love with them because they were of my niece and I knew I’d have them for the rest of my life to be able to remember all the tiny details of her newborn self.

I spent two days at my brother’s house, capturing hundreds of images. To this day when I look back at the images, I cherish having those memories. It seemed as though she went from being a tiny, fragile infant who fit in my arms to being a bouncy, sassy toddler all within the blink of an eye. When I saw the results of my niece’s newborn images I was hooked and in love all over again. I knew what I’d being doing for the rest of my life – creating timeless newborn images so that the mothers and fathers of the world would have these forever memories of a time in their child’s life that is so fleeting.

When I began at photography school I had no idea what I’d do with my diploma, other than the extremely vague “be a photographer”. In fact, my pursuit in the arts didn’t begin until my mid-twenties. Before that I’d gone to school to become a pediatric occupational and physio therapy assistant. Though completely different fields, I get the opportunity to use my knowledge of muscle development and movement every day as a guide to safely handling and positioning those tiny little humans.

Over the years my work has evolved into the clean, simple, natural, and elegant form it takes today. I create images not just so you can remember what your baby looked like, but also to remember the overwhelming joy and love you felt bringing home a new baby.

I’ve been through a tremendous personal transformation over the past decade that has made me value the notion of taking life one memory at a time. I value life, love and new beginnings more than I ever have. And while it’s a beautiful thing for my personal life, it also translates into the profound passion, enthusiasm and dedication I have for my business – and in turn, to creating stunning memories for you to cherish the same way I cherish my niece’s.

Much love,

Jenna xx

North York, Toronto Newborn Photographer

Newborn. Maternity. Family

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